Please review before purchasing a kitten.

You will be required to sign the following contract when purchasing a kitten.






Print and sign a copy to provide to Seller PRIOR to receiving your new feline.  Failure to do so will void any guarantee.  If Buyer is unable to provide required documentation as requested within the terms of the contract, if needed, guarantee is voided.   Seller will sign your received copy and give you a copy with both Buyer and Seller signatures at the time of pickup or delivery of your new feline.     Thank you. 

1. Buyer is encouraged to have feline examined at their option and sole expense by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup or transport, for their peace of mind concerning the feline’s health condition. If within the 72-hour grace period such veterinarian's examination reveals a SERIOUS "uncommon and untreatable" health condition, Buyer must provide proof from a licensed veterinarian to Seller within 24 hours.  If Buyer fails to have the feline examined by their vet within the 72-hour grace period or provide proof of illness within 24 hours, this health guarantee is null and void.  After Buyer’s vet exam, Seller is no longer responsible for any health condition that might arise, as any feline can come into contact in a number of ways with both health and environmental conditions that might compromise its health after it has left the cattery. 

All health guarantees are null and void if this feline is given a FeLV, FIP or ANY live OR modified live virus vaccine during the 72-hour grace period as those tests sometimes give false positives. IMPORTANT:  Seller strongly advises AGAINST EVER having the FIP vaccine being given to your feline.  It is a controversial vaccine that has been reported to in some cases to have actually given this incurable disease to the feline given the vaccine. No vet should give this vaccine to your feline without making you aware of the risk and obtaining your consent.

2.  Buyer agrees there are common infections cats are often subject to suffer such as FIV, FELV, and FIP.  Seller will provide buyer with shot record.  Buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to continue vaccines with a licensed veterinarian until vaccines are no longer needed.  Seller will not be held responsible for any type of feline infections (upper respiratory infections, fleas, ringworm, mites or minor diarrhea etc..)  known to affect cats, once the feline is picked up or transported.

3.   No pet feline is sold with breeder's rights.  All pet felines are expected to be spayed or neutered by age six months.  If Buyer fails to comply and it comes to Seller’s attention that the feline is later being used as a breeder, Buyer must return the feline to Seller and no refund or replacement feline will be given.

4.  Seller guarantees the health quality of this feline against FATAL genetic defects for a period of 1 year.  Feline will be replaced with a comparable feline, as available, if documented proof is provided by a licensed veterinarian.

5.  Seller assumes no responsibility or liability of the feline after leaving premises of the cattery due to Buyer’s living situation, vet expenses, mortality due to negligence, accidents, feline injections, allergy to animal, or for damages caused by this feline.

7.  Breeder cannot possibly give any guarantee of the final appearance, adult disposition, or the nature of breeding and producing offspring.

BUYER'S SIGNATURE                                                                     DATE

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SELLER’S SIGNATURE                                                                    DATE                          

. This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties and any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this agreement shall not be binding upon


Kitten Contract
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